black and white map zoomed in to show Southern California and Baja California; shows native tribes

Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias

The Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias (IRSC) provides San Diego State University with a forum for the investigation, discussion, and dissemination of information about the United States-Mexican border region. The Institute focuses on the border area of California and the Baja California peninsula, but also monitors border regions elsewhere in the world.

Created in 1983, the Institute has undertaken multidisciplinary applied research projects on important regional concerns including transborder environmental issues, policy perspectives of the California-Mexico relationship, quality of life, and sustainable development. IRSC also plays an active role in Mexico-related professional organizations and is frequently consulted on transborder issues by the media, nongovernmental organizations, the public sector, and other border stakeholders.

Other Institute activities include conducting binational symposia; improving communication between public and private sector representatives on both sides of the border; serving as a clearinghouse for information on transborder events, issues, and institutions; and encouraging the effective use of educational resources among the region’s universities. The Institute serves as a major link between SDSU and Mexican institutions.

IRSC has an ongoing publications program that includes books, monographs, and shorter items. Many titles are co-published with SDSU Press.

Recent IRSC research includes projects on border environmental issues and policy, regional economic issues, and transborder planning issues.